When you come to the Seafront, and slots won’t do, there’s always Adventure Island. It is the modern update of what used to be Peter Pan’s Playground, a far more pedestrian version of what is now quite a high-octane experience. As I was doing the photography for this part of the journey, the site was shut and the new Axis ride was being installed. As the summer goes on, I’ll go back and take some new pictures.

For now, here is the place the kids still love to visit when given the opportunity, and this poem’s for them, plus legions of long-suffering parents who get dragged into the experience. Down here for their entertainment, sometimes the constant adrenaline and sugar rush can be too much for the most hardy of souls…

Adventure Island : taken May 15th, 2019
Is there anything he can’t do?

In Search of Peter Pan

Are you tired, child?

Yes, but one more dodgem ride, thirty-six times down the slide
this sugar overdose won’t cure itself:
to spin in teacups ‘til we hurl, colour vomit rainbow hues
doubled up, concession; stands.

Are you having fun, child?

No, but let me sulk, soaked thirteen times in log-flume spray
my brother is a total nerd, a million tickets for that plushy bird:
instead let’s scream on everything, including
bench that hasn’t moved since row began.

Shall we go home, child?

Can I stay mum, adventure’s far more fun, Peter Pan
understands; growing up’s your deal, mug’s game:
let wristband work for currency, intent clear
we’re never ever EVER leaving here…