University Hospital : taken 22nd June, 2019
A&E on a Saturday…

Nobody wants to go to Hospital, let’s be honest, but I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the last few years at the A&E: both kids have been diagnosed with allergies, I needed scans for gallbladder surgery… and there’s been the odd unscheduled trip either late night or early morning. Both kids were also born here: one by emergency C-Section, one traditionally. Oh, and there’s been a stay here for me when they thought I had TB, which turned out to be pneumonia…

I’m a massive fan of the NHS. Don’t knock your health services, they deserve nothing less than your 100% support. Also, think about giving blood. It’s an hour of your life, every 10-12 weeks depending on your sex, and you potentially save three lives in the process. The Blood and Donation Service is always on the lookout for donors, especially those from ethnic backgrounds. Go on, do a great thing today.

University Hospital : taken 22nd June, 2019
The Maternity Ward’s on the other side…

Needless to say, this was always going to be a stop on my journey.


Twice, I came here
bled for humanity
lower body scarred:
casualty of mind
not ever ready;
motherhood wounds.

Once, scanned item
unexpected stones
in organ area:
emergency triage
one month later;
private checkout.

Always, parking
worse than injury
walk instead:
stand in line
number’s up;
ring that bell.

Never, dull moment
grateful service
blood, donated:
keep on healing
teaching, learning
free for all.