Blaze Instructors Class : taken May 15th, 2019
Live It

This poem’s different from all the others. I didn’t write it for me, but for all the other people mentioned in verse three: they inspire me to work hard, and be the best I can. They helped me find the confidence to be here and do this collection of poems in the first place. Without them, I would not be who I am now. In many ways, they have become as important as my counselling.

Each one of them will be presented with an A4 framed copy of this poem to remind them of this fact. They made me a better person, and the camaraderie they have shown is beyond humbling. I’m grateful for the chance to be with them every week, and long may it continue.

Sometimes you find epiphanies in the most unexpected of places.

Blazing Squad

Not smoking weed,
looking to speed
for two decades
this mighty need
become more than
I was alone;
so twice a week
this room’s my own.
From combat bag
to treadmill zone
join Blaze’s Tribe;
let truth be shown.

Allowing me
confused, afraid
to find belief
foundations laid
become much more
than simply fit;
three magic words
‘Embrace the HIIT.’
Fierce dance soundtracks
anxiousness blown
within the Tribe
our second home.

Family Atters
sweet Gen X
Joseph and Matt
Jo never rests
lovely Karen
Lynda B
all twenty three
plus yours truly…
Cheers Caroline
Rachel, you rule
these Tribes of Blaze
defining cool.

So here I am
evolving fast
assurance raised
true strength to last
beyond the confines
of their Gym:
see you next week;
let’s play to win.
Sum of our parts
great, worthy goal
thanks David Lloyd:
new life’s now whole.