There’s still a Ministry of Defence presence in Shoebury, despite the fact the majority of the Victorian buildings were sold to a property development company. If someone unearths an unexploded World War 2 bomb in the Estuary (which might happen more often than you realise) it will undoubtedly be dragged to the testing range to be control detonated.

For the rest of the area, life is now considerably less regimented. It’s very beautiful, the mix of ancient and modern, with a number of black stray cats that patrol the domain, clearly the true owners of these vast spaces. My personal favourite thing to do is to practice marching on the old parade ground. Just make sure the locals aren’t watching…

Shoebury Garrison : taken May 29th, 2017
All ashore…

Oh What a Lovely Development…

History’s lessons, brick etched course
black cat of war’s slow slouch
towards apotheosis, rising prices
feature walls date marked reminder:
regiment woz ‘ere; developing
primed landscape, rows of cars,
unexploded arguments, genteel
admonishment forgets their point.
Quick marched, hard baked boots
step reserved each part exchanged
for barbecues, but no ball games
better beaches than up west,
no fear here, history’s demise.
They will not be forgotten, unlike
keys, appointments, jumpers
rubbish blowing out of cannons
still might kill us all:
aesthetic lifestyle passes out
finger to its past self:
up yours Thorpe Bay,
we’re the cool kids now.
Their better part of value
moving east
barracking way’s