Priory Park : Taken 26th June, 2019
In or Out?

This is the park that you can enter and then immediately forget that Southend even exists outside. It’s a massive space, dominated by the Priory which, for hundreds of years, was an incredibly important part of the local Community. I am embarrassed to admit this is the first time in my life I’d ever visited the site. There’s a lot to take in, and I’ll be back to do just that over the Summer.

It’s amazing how little you can know about places that are literally just outside your front door, or which you drive by each day. Being oblivious to history is fine, but eventually, as you will become a part of it, there’s some sense in making time to understand how everything fits together. It isn’t just dog walking and the bandstand, after all…

This is also where the London to Southend bike ride traditionally ends, and our poem was built.

Finish Line

Race space: everybody’s finish line, laces
unwind: exhausted, invigorated chestnut’s
ashen faced;
is where I rest.

Borough’s pride
Tudor boughs

Victorian promenade
a thousand years

centre of
my town.

Band stands, applauds
zip rope action without parallel
history and PE, overlap

whilst terriers
going south: throw,
ball chase

centre of
your town.

Park your bike love,
you’ve won.