Roots Hall : taken June 26th, 2019
Pizza and Footy

Our football team’s history is, of course, extremely well documented on its own website amongst others. Pre-season will begin as this website goes live: the team will be seen putting in the hours in my Gym too, as they do seem to enjoy doing a fair bit. It is good to know they worked hard last season to avoid relegation, and honestly that last minute winner was very well deserved.

Whether the new ground is built sooner or later, of course, is a subject of almost continuous debate: the plan however to build housing on the site has already begun in earnest. One assumes that they’ll eventually say yes (it was supposed to happen in 2018 and we’re still waiting) and the new development at Fossetts Farm will eventually become a reality.

Until then, it’s Roots Hall all the way.

The Blues

Support your local lads, history
inextricably lived: formed in
the pub, unsurprisingly
Blue Boars evolve to Shrimpers.
Bob Jack’s fixtures sold
to help the War, moving south
then north and back again
eventually through austerity,
adversity; returning to their
Roots in fifty-six.

That New Years Day I watched
Newcastle get destroyed 4-0;
second tier supremacy,
brief moment in the sun:
since then, their steady need
to move away, expand as
ground contracts, housing
rising, dwarfing floodlights
terraced adverts promising
break new Ground in the east.

Perpetual momentum holds
interest front and centre,
one day we might be awesome
but now this is enough,
blue beating heart of coastal
town, refusing death at
every turn, reminder fighting
to the end will always
turn out well: the East Stands
tall, sings hard, still understands.