Podcast #1: January 6th, 2021

This poem was first written in 2017, in the earliest days of my poetic realignment. It doesn’t even have a title, is just known as global_sonnet.odt.
It is really not as bad as I thought it was, because as far as I know this was probably shoved on Twitter before being promptly forgotten about…

As planet warms, our scientists will weep,
The ice-flows crack whilst forests fall unchecked:
Impossible these promises to keep,
Whilst politics and businessmen bisect.
Our fragile home needs heroes to emerge,
A population galvanized by hope;
Environmental risks must not converge,
If future generations are to cope.
Together we can change the course of fate,
Reverse those selfish choices in our past,
With instant action, it is not too late,
Present some solid promises that last.
Stand up, my friends, and heed the battle call:
Humanity, save Earth now, one and all.

This second poem was written on January 6th, during #TheWritingHours Zoom event organized by Kim Moore and Clare Shaw. It was a moment of subconscious revelation: the time has come to put away the issues of my past and move forward. Sometimes, you don’t need to live in the past any more, it is perfectly acceptable to leave it behind in order to move forward.

Don’t Worry Too Much about Truth

If I could, it would be made of joy:
glorious memories in sand, as sun
the Broads, shining as we chugged along;
between New Town and the park
constantly marked with railway lines
pylons, ponds and hedgerow scran.

If I could, I’d find a year, just one
where it was clear this all went wrong
instead my beats are broken, shards
of anger, splatter from a stab, as 
shame and stigma colours every note
no-one on the dance-floor without blame.

If you really want to know, I’m gone;
looking backwards never helped
when everything’s been reconciled
as just a trip that’s sold, then done

don’t worry too much about truth:

stop going back to count each step.