Podcast #4: January 27th, 2022

This week, the first piece is from my self-published chapbook, Curt; Urbane. If you’d like to read this plus the other poems I wrote, you can order a copy by clicking this link.

Leaving Alone

This is a journey, printing sounds
one life; adapted screenplay’s fifty-third
draft, annotated down by half. Each day
his music always gives brain sharp hit
no face dishing dirt, car boots treasured chest.
Smart, musical version of assertions,
some other guy’s ideas, new girl
as pawn into their queen, scene set:
destination waiting, anticipate regret.

World’s disparate certainties, combined
final composing coda from page two,
early to fled, never despise those whose
natural talent had this sussed at twenty-five.
Late to depart, but luggage free, finally
all matters, sunset’s filters set by me.
I left long time ago, returning calm
repainting on these hands, under my terms.
You cannot hurt her any more.

This second piece comes from a workshop that was only completed last week. I feel I have grown enormously as a poet over the last eighteen months. The differences, at least in my mind, between the two works are enormous.


I never understood you, for the longest time
taught parrot fashion to repeat each line
without comprehension
that other people 
comfort and distinction;
never me.

Everybody doubled down, how hard you were to hold
difficult, disquietening as purgatory 
for souls’ faithful, 
never escaped from
until penance, suffered
served those other people
represented, never me.

Then came the day you saved them
without a single word
connecting vital synapses
handing heart a truth, had always been there
but I could never see
this is, remains true calling
narrative enduring, just for me.