Podcast #11: April 14th, 2022

Welcome to Season Two, and ten weeks of poems that have featured in my month-long project for #NationalPoetryMonth and #NaPoWriMo. To start, here are the pair of poems that began the month of April. No jokes here…

The Great /Wave off Kanagawa

what you see, her water, life affirmed

no real care for symbolism or belief
let that be for others who, let’s be fair
only came here to wave their intellect

at you, the forward slash contemptible
example of a mind half cut with grief
perilously lacking in normality

obvious lost soul inside their church


water, rising as a mountain, breath

printed there to mirror, every claw
predictable, anxiety dependent, expecting
moment, confluence comes crashing down

and it will, as a consequence within
other people’s definitions, pressed
so hard into paper, fear is permanent

this was never meant as art at all


it is reproduced as a reminder, warning

we are but the smallest part

of her monumental                         hole.

paradoxical heart

finally                                           it’s dead
time to drop the knife
hitting more won’t make it right
only carves healthier facsimile
impression you have just          destroyed

cut                                             new mark
into a willing                     welcoming arm
see how much sharper                       finer

it becomes           never                to share

or hold a grudge within       plain clothes
those other normal people love       wear
as lies                                         are spied

but they have                         never been
worn raiment of thorns
crucifying sins as fading hope
one day we 
might                                          wake up

mortal that                    resembles whole