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Questions and Answers

It occurs to me that some people will have questions over why I’ve started this podcast now. So, in an attempt to be precise yet approachable, here are some questions I think it would be useful knowing the answers to.

Why did you want to Podcast?

I learnt audio production at College in the 1980’s, and have been involved in a number of podcasts since then. However, there was never a subject I felt an urge to talk about like this until now. I have no local poetry group or indeed a group of people with whom I can discuss work in progress, so decided to create my own personal space in which that conversation could take place with a virtual audience.

How many episodes will you make?

I am notionally planning 52 weeks (so, ten minutes or so every seven days) as a starting point for this project. I’ll divide episodes into discussing the timeline for my work, and how processes and ideas have morphed over time. There is also a hope to discuss work when it is published: there are two windows for this at present, and I’ll let you know nearer the time when they are and what you’ll hear being read.

Which platforms is your Podcast available on?

I use Anchor (Spotify’s podcast platform) for production and primary output. I’m also available on Apple and Google. If you want me to be on your specific Podcast platform, please feel free to drop me a message using the Contact Form, and I’ll do my best.